Looking To Buy Your New Home?

Here's How I Can Make It Easier For You!

  1. First we'll determine the price range of the home that would suit you best by determining the most you can comfortably afford to pay in mortgage payments. If you haven't already met with a Mortgage Specialist to so your pre-approval for mortgage financing then I can put you in touch with a good one. I can arrange this for you with either a mortgage broker or mortgage specialist from the bank of your choice
  2. We'll discuss the Wants and Needs that you require in your new home.
  3. I'll help you select the most desirable properties in your price range from our extensive inventory of available properties through the MLS sort and select process, and set up an auto-search for you.
  4. We'll estimate your closing costs for lawyers, inspections, etc.
  5. We'll discuss the process of submitting and negotiating an offer, including the important conditions and terms.
  6. We're then ready to view the homes that appeal to you. It's important to give me feedback and share your thoughts with me as we view the properties
  7. When you select the home that you want to own, I'll prepare a Real Estate Purchase Contract.
  8. Your offer is presented to the owner and may involve counter offers and changes of terms (negotiations).
  9. When the Purchase Contract is accepted by the seller, the property is generally considered “conditionally sold”. That is, sold providing conditions such as home inspection, mortgage approval, sale of buyers, etc. are met. Once your offer is accepted, make sure to send a copy of the Contract to your mortgage broker/lender immediately. Once you receive a mortgage commitment letter, and your other conditions are satisfactory, we can send a Notice of Waiver to remove the conditions to the seller.
  10. You'll then need to choose a lawyer, one who practices real estate law. I can provide some recommendations.
  11. Copies of the Purchase Contract go to your lawyer as well as the seller’s lawyers.
  12. Once you've waived all of your conditions and the offer becomes a binding agreement, the lawyer searches title to determine: Encumbrances, liens, easements, restrictions, encroachments or other claims registered on title (eg. Undisclosed mortgages, right-of-way, etc.)
  13. You'll call your lawyer to make an appointment to sign mortgage documents and title transfer a minimum of 10 days before possession.
  14. Your lawyer verifies financing commitment with the lending institution.
  15. When registration is complete your lawyer arranges with the lenders for the transfer of mortgage funds.
  16. You arrange property insurance coverage for the date of closing.
  17. Your lawyer contacts the utility companies and the tax department to determine if there are any arrears for closing adjustments.
  18. You and the seller meet with your respective lawyers to review and sign closing documents (mortgage, land transfer, undertakings, etc.). Bring in your cash to close (down payment) at this time.
  19. Your lawyers establish trust conditions and register all documents on title.
  20. We can organize a pre-possession inspection (walk-through) of the property to be sure the property is in the same condition as previously viewed and that all chattels are in working order as agreed upon.
  21. Welcome home! Your REALTOR® will be available to you for years to come. Don’t hesitate to contact me for future questions or concerns. I appreciate your business and referrals.

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